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Antoine Nohra Credico Shaping Future Face

While thousands of entrepreneurs give back each year through charitable donations or social enterprise initiatives, there is something quite distinctive about the avenue of contribution adopted by Credico founder Antoine Nohra.

Having been involved in marketing companies primarily as a founder and partner for almost 26 years, Antoine Nohra has seen the money in business come and go. However, one thing he claims will long outlast his capital will be the sense of achievement he feels when able to steer others towards triumph.

As a leader, Mr. Nohra has placed great trust in young entrepreneurs – claiming to have provided a ‘plethora’ of opportunities to 25-year-olds that some never experience throughout the entirety of their working lives. It is clear that Mr. Nohra wants to be remembered for his integrity in business and how he gives back – opening the door for others;


As a leader I believe it is your duty to remove obstacles that you yourself faced along the way to success – in order to make the journey smoother for others. In return I ask that he or she takes advantage of the opportunities we provide. I hope they thank me by being successful themselves, as that is what gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”


As hard as it may seem to believe for someone who deals with Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis, Mr. Nohra is defiant in his claims of placing social impact alongside profit in terms of importance. In his defense, there does seem to be mounting evidence for his generosity, as his international travel schedule is almost entirely dictated by giving back.


He recently traveled from Chicago to Cape Town at the end of March in order to speak with some of South Africa’s budding entrepreneurs, and gave advice on 5 factors that are essential to start a business in any industry.

Beyond his charitable nature is the steely exterior of a man that is driven to succeed in his vision of creating the next generation of businessmen and women. The motivating factors for helping others on such an ambitious scale remains somewhat unclear, but it is evident Mr. Nohra measures his own success and happiness on the basis of his philanthropic work.