Substantial donations at Park Lane

Antoine Nohra Credico Event

There was a downpour of donations at a recent London awards ceremony held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair in London, spearheaded by Antoine Nohra – founder of Credico. 


In what seems to be an increasingly cynical World, philanthropists’ motives continue to be distrusted, even with the access to information and necessity for transparency in today’s digital, data-driven climate. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have had sizeable charitable donations written off and dismissed as publicity stunts and tax schemes. However, repeated research into the impulses of donors suggests that givers are ‘driven to help a cause they care about and genuinely want to help.’

Indeed, the night of the May 20th hopefully restored some faith in the pursuit of philanthropy, as £35,000 was raised by various business owners to help those less fortunate across 3 different charitable organisations. £15,000 was raised for Railway Children at a silent auction organised by Mr. Nohra, a charity that helps protect vulnerable children in the UK, India and East Africa.

Two £10,000 cheques were also handed out to the Children’s Deaf Society and the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), a substantial amount considering these were personal donations from Antoine Nohra and his business partner. The 15k raised at the silent auction was over double the amount initially predicted, rendering the night a great success for all those involved.

Speaking post-event, Anuradha Chandran Head of Corporate Partnerships for Railway Children stated,

“The money donated tonight will change children’s lives for good. The amount raised could support 250 families in East Africa trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty. Without enough to eat, their children run away from home in search of food and end up on the streets where they face violence, abuse and exploitation every day. Railway Children can provide these families with the tools and training needed to start bio-intensive farming on their own land. Then, with enough to eat, and even some surplus to sell, the family can face a safer, stronger future – together.”

antoine nohra credico marketing entrepreneur

Antoine Nohra, the man behind the event, works closely with a number of charities and non-profit organisations throughout the globe to help them spread awareness and secure a more consistent, long-term spectrum of funding. In a speech during the evening, Mr. Nohra passionately claimed this allows him to make ‘a home in every country he travels to’, which he values highly, and surely only cynics could dismiss such claims on the basis of his altruistic endeavours.

Mr. Nohra’s background appears to be largely concerned with marketing companies that support financial and retail clients, but on the evidence of his contribution to local and worldwide charities, it’s a breath of fresh air to witness someone who clearly places social impact beside profit in terms of importance.