New UK telecoms startup Aurora

A below-par standard of B2B telecom services in the UK led international businessmen Jesse Young and Antoine Nohra to launch Aurora Telcom

This fast-growing telecommunications startup is aimed at the SME market who routinely suffer dire connection speeds and extortionate pricing.

Offering phone and broadband packages from £17.90 a monthAurora Telecom are aiming to establish themselves as the ‘go to’ option for small businesses in the UK looking for an affordable, high speed service.

Jesse Young and Antoine Nohra, the men behind the new venture, bring a wealth of experience and market influence to the UK telecommunications industry. The entrepreneurs have a formidable track record of building direct sales and marketing services for telecoms, energy, and financial organizations on a global scale.

Launched back in September of 2016, Aurora Telecom’s Antoine Nohra states,

We founded the company to provide businesses with a refreshing alternative to the confusing and complex tariff and pricing options that have become commonplace across the industry. We weren’t satisfied with the B2B options present in the UK market.”

Mr. Nohra’s business partner, Jesse Young, believes that the increase in digital transparency and access to information has led to providers being exposed for hidden charges and poor customer service. In response to this, Mr. Young points to Aurora’s values of clarity, simplicity and value when asked what he believes sets his firm apart from other providers in the marketplace.

“We wanted to introduce a ‘what you see is what you get’ type service to the UK. It’ll be interesting to see how customers respond to our USPs, and we’re very confident we can claw decent chunks of market share from those who’ve been comfortable providing a less than satisfactory service,” states Mr. Young.

It remains to be seen whether Aurora’s B2B solutions will tick all the boxes for small business owners, but the leadership will find confidence from the systems in place that has seen them succeed in other telecommunications industries worldwide.

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