Credico’s Antoine Nohra in talks with Money Expert to form new strategic partnership

Antoine Nohra in talks with Money Expert to form new strategic partnership

It has been revealed that Credico, a global leader in outsourced sales, has begun talks to extend its relationship with Money Expert in the UK to form a tactical partnership of business growth.

Money Expert is one of the UK’s leading comparison sites, and an existing client of Credico. They have a front-end platform for customers to research the best deals on a wide range of financial products, spanning from mortgage comparisons to life insurance.

Credico’s founder has revealed that the relationship between Money Expert and his firm looks set to evolve into a formal partnership after a successful, and mutually beneficial exchange of services thus far;

“I want to extend our involvement with Money Expert beyond providing our outsourced sales services, as I see a great opportunity around what the channel benefits could be with a partnership, and how we could both add value to it over time,” explains Credico founder Antoine Nohra.

Having been involved in marketing companies primarily as a founder for almost 26 years, Mr. Nohra has developed a keen eye for appealing opportunities in the direct sales and marketing industry. The Entrepreneur believes thinking ‘outside the box’ is not always needed when it comes to spotting a business opportunity, and places a greater emphasis on understanding what’s ‘inside’ it.

The proposed partnership with Money Expert would be the latest addition to a catalogue of Mr. Nohra’s collaborations that bring benefits to vendors on the back end, and an enhanced customer experience at the front. It is thought that the hierarchy at Money Expert are keen to form a strong strategic partnership with Credico after being impressed with their acquisition services, and the wealth of industry experience their leadership brings to boardroom-level decisions.

As an expert in the creation, expansion, acquisition and turnaround of marketing companies that support financial and retail clients, Antoine Nohra has weathered and flourished in a multitude of scenarios – and Money Expert believe this would prove to be a huge asset moving forward.

The proposed partnership will be aimed at addressing a market interest through a creative combination of resources, and is expected to be announced in full towards the end of 2017.

“As consumers get more savvy, services like Money Expert will become even more popular, and we are excited at the prospect of being part of their business journey. I will wait until the official announcement to comment further,” stated Antoine Nohra.