Trust in millennial entrepreneurs

Thinking antoine nohra market leader investor

Antoine Nohra claims the faith he’s shown in budding entrepreneurs will vastly outlast his capital, and has reiterated the overwhelming sense of achievement he feels when able to steer others towards success

There is a strong argument for mankind’s most fulfilling achievement to be helping others fulfil their dreams, and Lebanese-born businessman Antoine Nohra believes the eventual payoff from assisting others will always be far greater than any initial investment.

Indeed, the market leader claims to get aggravated by those who view the business world as one giant competition. Another’s success does not mean he – or anyone else – has less opportunity, and he believes there is plenty of room at the top for others to rise to prominence.

Mr. Nohra is an expert in the creation, expansion, acquisition and turnaround of marketing companies that support financial and retail clients. During this time, Antoine Nohra has placed a great amount of trust in young entrepreneurs – where others would’ve looked for a more experienced head.

“I think that a lot of Millennial entrepreneurs realized at some point that starting their own company – even if it initially fails – will teach them more in a couple years than a regular 9-5 job would do in fifteen,” states Antoine Nohra.

The business leader claims to have provided a glut of opportunities to 20 something year-olds that some people never experience throughout the duration of their working lives, and references his admiration for their eagerness to learn;

“Where some people would see inexperience, I see energy, motivation and enthusiasm,” states Antoine Nohra, founder of Credico Group International. “In return for providing young entrepreneurs with great opportunities I ask that they take full advantage, and make a success of themselves.”

It is clear that Mr. Nohra wants to be remembered as a creator of opportunities for others, putting social impact alongside profit on his mantelpiece, and following the mantra that how we chose to live our business and personal lives is just as, if not more important, as how we enable others to live theirs.