Correct timing in business

Currently involved in senior capacities across 19 different companies throughout US, Canada, UK and Lebanon, entrepreneur and market leader Antoine Nohra believes businesses can afford to get a lot of other things wrong if they get their timing right.

Loads of businesses forfeit hundreds of millions of dollars each year and ruin excellent product ideas because they get the timing wrong. Credico Global founder Antoine Nohra, however,has procured an impressive sense of judgement throughout his business ventures, and puts a lot of this down to correct timing.

“Would the concept of UBER have been successful in 1998? No, it would’ve been a failure – yet now it is one of the biggest transportation services in the World – a billion-dollar company,” argues Antoine Nohra.

Having been involved in marketing companies primarily as a founder for almost 26 years, Antoine Nohra believes timing is the key component of operating a profitable business. When launching a product or service to the marketplace, Mr. Nohra believes that confidence and conviction are required to ensure all previous preparation towards successful timing and implementation pays off.

“Besides innovative excellence, the most successful businesses that I have been involved in owe their affluence and growth largely to one consistent theme, the element of timing – having the right idea at the right time,” stated Mr. Nohra.

Some young business owners start their entrepreneurial journeys too late because they are afraid of failure, or lack the belief to truly bring their ideas to market. Antoine Nohra has previously gone on record arguing that another’s success does not mean he – or anyone else – has less opportunity, and he believes there is plenty of room at the top for others to rise to prominence.

It appears this is one of the reasons why he seems determined to inspire young people into taking action in business sooner, so they might be ready to take full advantage of an opportunity should one present itself. Indeed, as a leader Mr. Nohra believes trusting young entrepreneurs is more likely to incubate great innovation for businesses, with the confidence of conviction also playing an important role in getting the timing of an idea right